Indoctrinated Academia Oxnard High School Board Meeting

Oxnard Union High School District, Oxnard, California board meeting where Jane Germaine, her two high school attending sons Cole and Wyatt, her husband Tim and other concerned citizens spoke during their open public session. The topic was Indoctrinated Academia where 13 reported anti Trump/Anti Republican politically biased incidents encompassing multiple Rancho Campana High School teachers and administrative personnel. One incident was a teacher saying she lost a $100 bet that President Trump would’ve been assassinated on Inauguration Day.

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Oxnard Union High School District                                 Germaine Family


Jane Germaine                                                                             Tim Germaine


Cole Germaine                                                                             Wyatt Germaine


Gloria & Rolando Chinea                                                        Valerie White


Manuela Walter                                                                          Deborah Baber


Gina Mulhern                                                                                Kevin Mulhern


Ginny Bryce                                                                                   George Miller


Jane Germaine and sons                                                         Beatriz Herrera


2 Responses

  1. Regarding the $100 bet incident, the teacher eventually apologized to the class for her statement so that incident is corroborated. The incident where my son was called out in class for being a Republican was witnessed by another student whose Dad confirmed it and sent email to school, Todd Starnes and Christian Science Monitor about it.  I ve asked him to come to board meeting he said hes been sick, I think he s scared like everyone else.

  2. I ask the question because at tonight s meeting, Superintendent said measures were taken already yet we have instances as late as the end of February so I wonder about the timing. I was alarmed to learn that in the fall while I was participating in our nation’s venerated election process, a Ventura County Middle School teacher sponsored a class in which Donald Trump’s handwriting was likened to that of Himmler’s, one of Adolf Hitler’s primary architects and overseers of the death of millions of Jews and hundreds of thousands of others.

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